Monday, 12 March 2012


Welcome to the WPS ICT Blog...This will be the main site for any new ICT ideas and information we have or find.

More importantly, it will be our hosting webpage for our Technical Support Team

Technical Support Team (TST) 

TST is made up of students that will help in sorting out issues in classrooms. From computer problems with applications, internet to helping with other ICT equipment.

These student will be given training by our ICT advisor and our in-house technician on how to properly use and maintain ICT equipment and other materials.

They will also help with events during the school year when ICT equipment is need to be sourced, setup and/or used. e.g. Digital cameras, Ipods, video cameras, audio equipment, etc...

They will also be involved in future projects that we may undertake. e.g. Blogs, website design, podcasting, vodcasting, youtube production and publishing, etc...

If any students would like to apply for this team, they are to create a CV and a letter of interest to or to my office.