Monday, 18 June 2012

TST Application Assignment
TST Application Assignment 1

Your assignment will be to complete these tasks over the next 4 weeks.

Task 1
Ipod Touch / Camera Use
You will need to take the following photographs of these different categories of:

Photos of :

5 of People or Groups
5 of Nature or Landscapes
5 of Random things around the school.
Please remember that you will need to get permission to photograph people.

Task 2
Document Creation
You will need to create and complete 3 different types of documents. This can be created in google docs or on Microsoft Office.

1 Word Document
Create a document using the five photos of people or groups. Create a story from the photos taken.

1 Excel Sheet
Create a spreadsheet and any graph of the following figures.
3 Whero, 2 Kowhia, 5 Kakariki, 9 Kikorangi

1 Powerpoint or Publisher document
Create a powerpoint or poster about either of the 2 other categories of photos (nature or random) .

All of these tasks will need to be emailed with your name and room to the following email address:

Details of completed tasks by members will be displayed on this page.

You will need to attempt to complete all of these tasks, so we can get an accurate idea of your skill level.
Ideas for Projects

Some of the projects that we have in mind for the TST Students will be:

Promotional Video for WPS... EG.... (WBHS promotion Video) but suited to our school...

Website Graphical upgrade... content upgrade...

Logo and Motto Ideas....

Photo Training.... Once trained, they will be photographers for events at WPS. (Sports and House days, ArtoberFest... )

Video Camera Training.... Once trained, they will be a support team for video interviewing and recording events at WPS.