Tuesday, 21 August 2012

TST Meeting - 20 August 2012

Last week I asked the members of our Technical Support Team to work on projects assigned to them.

Project "Website" - All Members

Last week I asked our team to work on designs and ideas for our main school website. Taking into account relevance of topics and simplicity of design.

I was impressed with some of the work supplied, and after yesterdays brainstorming we produced a few pages of ideas. This will encourage other members of the team to think more creatively.

Website Ideas - Doc 1
Website Ideas - Doc 2

From this discussion the following ideas were suggested:

  • Design -The gateway on bank street - pedestrian entrance as a theme for the website.
  • Structure - Group photos of each syndicate
  • Project - Virtual tour photos of the school - panoramic
  • Design - spiral animation for each loading page
  • Structure - Separate design page
  • Structure - Kids Activities Site
  • Structure - Writing corner / kids work page
  • Gallery - Playground photo - with inserted kids work
  • Stucture - School Rules
  • Gallery - WPS word collage photo page
  • Structure - Syndicate Pages
  • Design - Teachers info linked to staff photo.
Next Meeting:
Each member of the group will bring a laptop to the next meeting, for training in Photo Editing using the free to use photo edition software:

Project "360°" - R22 Team

This project is the creation of a virtual tour of Whangarei Primary, to be created using an app for the Ipod Touch. This task would involve members of the TST taking 360 degree photos of the school at various locations, allowing potential parents and students a virtual tour of WPS.

R22 Team were given the task to:

  1. Investigate Each of the photo apps available on itunes. Finding which one would be best  for our project.
  2. LearnAbout the app and find out how best to use it. Pros/Cons
  3. DemonstrateBring an Ipod Touch to the next TST meeting and show all the members how to use the App they had chosen.

A report and demonstration was given of the application chosen. Some glitches were described and we had a discussion about personal and property privacy, in relation to publicly sharing photos taken for this project.

R22 Team have taken on the task of installing the application to the other Ipod Touchs when they are available.

Next Meeting:
Each team must use their teachers Ipod Touch to install and learn to use the Itunes App chosen:

360 Panorama
Official Website

Project "Lanyard" - R23 Team

This task was to create a new badge for members of the TST Team. The redesign would involve including all of the features of:

  1. WPS Logo
  2. TST Title
  3. Member Photo

Several designs were submitted to the group.

(Google doc of designs)

The Design 4 was chosen by all of the group.

R23 Team have been assigned the task of producing 10 to 20 different designs using different fonts and colours of Design 4 to bring to the next meeting.

Next Meeting:
R23 Team will bring the new designs and variations to our next meeting.

Reminder for next week:

To bring a Laptop and Ipod touch.